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Systems Microbiology ° Key processes and prokaryotes in the nitrogen cycle o Organisms that reduce nitrate and nitrite instead of oxygen o Nitrogen fixation ° This is how new nitrogen gets into the atmosphere ° There are a lot of organisms that are capable of this ° It takes a lot of energy o All of these processes are mostly bacterial – if you took away the bugs, the nitrogen cycle wouldn’t turn o Cation exchange in the soil ° We dump urea and nitrogen in the soil – this eventually causes greater nitrogen loss o Forest soils versus cut soils ° In the forest soil, more recycling goes on ° In a clearcut forest, the ammonia stops getting taken up by the system ° With lots of ammonia but no plants to take it up, the bacteria eats it all up, and the soil loses nitrogen
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Unformatted text preview: o In aquaria, nitrifiers are essential – the fish couldn’t stay alive otherwise o What happens when you dump lots of phosphate in a lake? ° You get big blooms of nitrogen-fixing cyanobacteria ° This is why phosphates aren’t around in detergents anymore – they’re a bit problem ° Phosphate is almost the only other thing that these bacteria need to grow, so they really take off – this leads to pollution problems – these bacteria create a lot of toxins ° You decrease the nitrogen to phosphate ratio o There are other organisms that can fix nitrogen – autotrophs, some archea, some proteobacteria o Energetics – you have to burn about 16 ATP for each nitrogen that gets reduced – you have to be producing a lot of energy...
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