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Systems Microbiology o You can recognize the genetic code from the start and stop sites – this lets you know where there might be gene sites o You have to figure out what the right reading frame are – there are always three possible frames. ° You can use a program to find open reading frames o Gene finding – current methods. ° Homology method/Extrinsic method – use other genomes that have already been sequenced, and compare ° Gene prediction method/Intrinsic method – look at the codon content o Content sensors and gene prediction tools – there are many different programs o Demonstration: Prof. Delong pastes a DNA sequence (around 70 kilobase pairs) from a marine microorganism into a sample commercial program on the web ° It gives back a list of possible genes, with around one gene for every thousand base pairs o These possible genes are then pasted into another program: BLAST. ° It compares the sequences with known genes
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