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Systems Microbiology o Cyclic photophosphorylation – extracting energy via excited electrons and the electron transport chain ° The fundamentals of how you get to ATP is the same for phototrophs and autotrophs ° There is a lot of diversity in anoxygenic phototrophs o Using photon energy to strip electrons off of water ° You’re not going to use up your source of energy ° Waste product is oxygen – allows other, heterotrophic life o Rhodopsins – Haloarchaea – live in hypersaline habitats ° They can live in salt crystals if there’s water available ° They get energy from light via a simple protein – rhodopsin • Organic molecule absorbs a photon, changes shape, and then the whole protein changes, allowing the cell to transport an electron from inside the cell to outside ° concentration gradient • There are two types of microbial rhodopsins: light-driven ion pumps and
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Unformatted text preview: sensory rhodopsins We have sensory rhodopsins in our eyes There are different sorts of rhodopsins that exist in bacteria that live almost anywhere in the ocean With retinal in bacteria you can produce proton pumping Rhodopsin is a new kind of light-driven energy generation Theres even evidence that its being laterally transferred Rhodopsin-using hybrids could be likened to hybrid automobiles. o Rhodopsin allows them to charge a battery Where do organisms get their energy? o Chemolithotrophs: Oxidize inorganic compounds Chemoorganotrophs: Oxidize organic compounds Neither of these types needs to use oxygen to dump their electrons onto. Oxygen isnt always available in many environments NADH from glycolysis can be used in energy pathways donate electrons, forming chemi-osmotic gradient...
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