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Systems Microbiology ° Growth Parameters o Write out equations o There will be homework problems relating to this growth o Related growth parameters ° The growth cycle o Why aren’t bacteria always doubling? What limits their growth? ° They exhaust their nutrients, causing the growth curve to level off ° Build up of toxic waste products o The cell has to replicate everything before it divides ° Therefore if you move a cell from a bad medium to a good one, there’s a lag before it begins to grow. o Stationary phase – in a batch culture, for the most part things stay the same. o Death – in bacteria, this is exponential, like growth (very important) ° It’s not clear what’s going on here – people have speculated.
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Unformatted text preview: ° Total cell count o Demonstration: Prof. Schauer shows the class a counting chamber ° Grid etched on with a laser ° Two raised ridges – glass coverslip fits directly over, allowing you to measure the space between the platform and the coverslip – count through a microscope ° The same concept and method is used for bacterial, blood cells, environmental samples, etc. o Problems with this method: ° Not very precise ° Hard to see ° Doesn’t distinguish live cells from dead ones ° Requires phase contrast microscope to count unstained cells ° Dilute samples must be concentrated...
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