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Systems Microbiology o The vast amount of diversity on Earth exists in the microbial world. o Microbes represent more than 50% of biomass in the oceans. o They control all the elemental cycles that shape Earth’s habitability. o They can live without us… but we can’t live without them. o It used to be that microbes were the only way that nitrogen got into the atmosphere… ° But now, with fertilizers etc., people are contributing to the nitrogen cycle more than microbes are. o Slide: photosynthesis and respiration ° Plants °° Animals: both are codependent o Slide: Energy: The Anthropocentric perspective ° We’re using up all the oil, putting carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. o Slide: graph of atmospheric carbon dioxide over time, as measured at Mauna Loa. ° Shows a steep, steady increase – we haven’t seen an increase like this in a very long time – it doesn’t look natural. ° There are spikes of carbon dioxide every winter and lower areas every summer,
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Unformatted text preview: because plants are photosynthesizing more in the summer. This increase in carbon dioxide could have serious consequences as the greenhouse gas effect. Slide: The Popular View of Bugs o People popularly think that microbes (bugs) are somehow dirty or damaging, but the truth is that you cannot get rid of them theyre all over your body, and most of them are good for you. Its a symbiotic relationship. Slide: host bacterial symbiosis in the human intestine. Fundamentally, pathogenic microorganisms use the same machinery as nonpathogenic ones. o Short movie: bacteriophage infecting a cell. Biotechnology and biological engineering: research examples o Functional diversity in rhodopsin in the presence of light, this will move a proton, creating an electrical gradient that allows ATP production o The functional parts of a cell: people are working on creating a registry of standard biological parts....
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