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Systems Microbiology ° Some R-factors reside on the plasmid, so that they can be easily transferred from one microbe to another o Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) o Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus N315 ° Penicillin binding protein ° Terminology o “Normal flora” – it’s normative (most people have it), and “flora” means plant growth ° Clearly, this is imprecise, since microbes in our gut aren’t plants ° Microbiota is a better term o Commensal ° Symbiotic – the biology is interwoven, and both we and the microbes benefit ° This is colonization (as opposed to infection) o Pathogen ° Not all pathogens cause disease in all individuals
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Unformatted text preview: They might cause infection but not illness If youre infected with TB, youre not going to die from TB youre going to die from the infection and disease that it causes What kinds of problems the microbe might or might not cause have to do with the virulence of the strain, your own immune reaction, environmental factors, age, etc. If you maintain a stable relationship with the microbe, regardless of whether it causes disease, it is an infection o Opportunistic pathogens They take advantage of defects in host defenses, so that people with some kind of immodeficiency can get much much sicker...
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