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Systems Microbiology ° Radiation Sterilization o UV can’t penetrate anything that isn’t transparent o It’s useful for control of surfaces o Sometimes it’s useful to sterilize water o It’s difficult to achieve complete sterilization with UV o Ionizing radiation can achieve sterilization o Gamma radiation is also useful – the dose required is a function of the genomic size of the organism you’re trying to eliminate, because gamma radiation has its primary effect on DNA o Typically in medical settings, anything that can’t withstand autoclaving will be exposed to gamma radiation instead. o Sometimes gamma radiation can affect the flavor of the food, although it’s useful in the beef industry ° Filter sterilization o Depth filters ° Layer upon layer of fibrous materials that form a band
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Unformatted text preview: You can do it with relatively high volume, with a high flow and a relatively high level of turbidity HEPA filters important for a number of biomedical applications Air from labs that might contain pathogens is HEPA-filtered and then released into the atmosphere Animals in labs are sometimes housed in HEPA-filtered environments o Membrane filters These serve as a surface against which you can trap particles Some of these filters are very large and high capacity Small-scale membrane filters are often used in labs, such as for solutions or buffers Rotating membrane ultrafiltration (RMU) Vortex-flow filtration (VFF) o The biggest limitation of filtration is that it has a harder time removing smaller organisms, such as microplasma, and viruses...
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