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Devianc1 - Deviance Crime White-collar crime is just one...

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Deviance Crime White-collar crime is just one type of crime. Crime , or the violation of a written law, is a specific kind of deviance. What constitutes a crime varies from society to society. In our society, sociologists have identified three general categories of crime: 1. Crimes against the person: These are crimes in which an act of violence is either threatened or perpetrated against a person. A mugging is an example of a crime against the person. 2. Crimes against property: These are crimes that involve the theft of property or certain forms of damage against the property of another. Arson is an example of a property crime. 3. Victimless crimes: These are crimes in which laws are violated, but there is no identifiable victim. Prostitution is often classified as a victimless crime. Profile of a Criminal Sociologists studying crime and deviance study statistics on who commits crime. Identifying a criminal profile can help sociologists understand the causes of crime and other deviance.
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