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Devianc7 - Deviance Control Theory Sociologist Walter...

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Deviance Control Theory Sociologist Walter Reckless developed the control theory to explain how some people resist the pressure to become deviants. According to control theory , people have two control systems that work against their desire to deviate. Each person has a set of inner controls and outer controls. Inner controls are internalized thought processes such as a sense of morality, conscience, or religious beliefs. People may also refrain from doing acts of deviance because they fear punishment or couldn’t live with the guilt that would come from acting outside of society’s norms. Inner controls represent a sort of internalized morality. Outer controls consist of the people in our lives who encourage us not to stray. They could be family members, police officers, clergy, or teachers. Whoever they are, they influence us to conform to society’s expectations. A person who is tempted to engage in a
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