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Unformatted text preview: Identity and Reality Social Status The ways we choose to present ourselves to other people also give clues as to our social status , which is the position we occupy in a particular setting. In a doctors office, the doctor occupies one status, the nurse another, and the receptionist still another. Some statuses carry more prestige and power than others. In our society, the status of doctor is more prestigious than the status of nurse, and the status of nurse is more prestigious than that of receptionist. Statuses also exist in the home, including the positions of mother, father, oldest child, youngest child, and grandparent. Most of us occupy a number of different statuses in our lives. The collection of all of our different statuses from every setting is called our status set . Status Symbols Sometimes we wear status symbols , or signs or symbols of a respective status. Professors wear academic regalia to identify their status within the collegiate setting. Successful businesspeople academic regalia to identify their status within the collegiate setting....
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