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Introduction to Sociolog3

Introduction to Sociolog3 - Introduction to Sociology Types...

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Introduction to Sociology Types of Sociology Not all universities approach sociology the same way, and the new science evolved differently depending on where it was taught and who was teaching it. The two major types of sociology that emerged were qualitative sociology and quantitative sociology . Today, most universities use both qualitative and quantitative methods of inquiry, and one method is not necessarily better than the other. Qualitative Sociology At the University of Chicago, Albion Small (1854–1926) developed qualitative sociology , which is concerned mainly with trying to obtain an accurate picture of a group and how it operates in the world. Small and his followers were particularly interested in understanding how immigration was affecting the city and its residents. From the middle of the nineteenth century to roughly the middle of the twentieth century, massive numbers of people immigrated to the United States from a variety of countries. Chicago in particular attracted many immigrants from
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