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Social Groups and Organizations Problems with Bureaucracies Though bureaucracies can be efficient, many problems can hinder them. On paper, bureaucracies appear to be the most rational approach to accomplishing stated goals, but human beings are not always rational. In formulating the ideal type bureaucracy, Weber did not allow for the inevitable formation of primary relationships, which are antithetical to the stated goals of a bureaucracy because loyalty shifts from the organization to the individual. Primary relationships tend to develop in bureaucracies because people feel a sense of alienation , or feelings that they are being treated as objects rather than people. Sometimes the rules and regulations in a bureaucracy grow rigid to the point of inefficiency. If a person with a Ph.D. applies for a job as a college professor and is told to present his or her high school diploma as part of the required paperwork, the bureaucracy’s regulations are too rigid and may hurt that bureaucracy’s chances of hiring a quality
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