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Social Groups and Organization6

Social Groups and Organization6 - Social Groups and...

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Social Groups and Organizations Social Integration Social integration is the degree to which an individual feels connected to the other people in his or her group or community. Durkheim’s Study of Suicide The term social integration first came into use in the work of French sociologist Émile Durkheim . Durkheim wanted to understand why some people were more likely than others to take their own lives. Durkheim’s term for a lack of social integration was anomie. He concluded that three characteristics put some people at a higher risk of suicide than others, and that anomie was partly to blame: Gender (male): In most societies, men have more freedom and are more independent than women. While this might sound like a good thing, it can lead some men to feel that they have few significant relationships with other people and that it would be an admission of weakness to seek advice or comfort from others. This can lead to feelings of being cut off from a group or community.
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