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Social Institutions Types of Religious Groups Sociologists group religious organizations into three categories: church, sect, and cult. A church is a religious group integrated with society. Example: The Roman Catholic Church is well integrated in the society in Spain. A sect is a religious group that sets itself apart from society as a whole. Example: The Amish of Pennsylvania are a classic sect. Though Christian, they choose to set themselves apart from the rest of society by their lifestyle, which eschews many aspects of modernity. A cult is a religious group that is outside standard cultural norms, typically centered around a charismatic leader. Example: The People’s Temple, a cult that emerged in the late 1970s, was led by a man named Jim Jones. Jones started his cult in San Francisco, then convinced several hundred followers to move with him to Jonestown, Guyana. He claimed to be a god and insisted on strict loyalty. In 1978, he and 913 of his followers committed mass suicide.
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