EUS-The Horse of Pride

EUS-The Horse of Pride - Essay: EUS Horse of Pride...

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Unformatted text preview: Essay: EUS Horse of Pride 27/09/2007 00:19:00 What am I really trying to say? Develop an image of culture, society, ideology, lifestyle, heritage, and etc of life in this time period/country as compared to life today in America. Stress loss/gain of values/traditions. Emphasis impacts of technology, philosophical movements, etc from class that influenced these differences. Focus on important scenes to establish key differences between outlooks of generations (good and bad) of their reality... What points do I hope to make? What position am I going to take? Terrible loss of family, community, nationalism... more impersonal relations. Random stats about only 2 true friends in life as compared to 4 true friends. More selfish appreciation in modern society of self- determination/achievement; superman mindset carried over... less family, etc. Shame/sadness of this. Shame relatively small amount of change in many cultural aspects (Dorothea Smartts insight) What themes do I want to address? Ignorance/selfishness of America, polarization Isolation of the individual Improvements in society and their impacts From the book... Wash-trough... completely different life (technology, prideful occasion, etc) Complete admiration for Alain Le Goff o Teacher... speaking exercises, riddles...grose and broomTeacher....
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EUS-The Horse of Pride - Essay: EUS Horse of Pride...

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