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Society and Cultur8 - Positive or Negative A sanction is...

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Society and Culture Positive Sanctions A positive sanction rewards someone for following a norm and serves to encourage the continuance of a certain type of behavior. Example: A person who performs well at his or her job and is given a salary raise or a promotion is receiving a positive sanction. When parents reward a child with money for earning good grades, they are positively sanctioning that child’s behavior. Negative Sanctions A negative sanction is a way of communicating that a society, or some group in that society, does not approve of a particular behavior. The optimal effect of a negative sanction is to discourage the continuation of a certain type of behavior. Example: Imprisoning a criminal for breaking the law, cutting off a thief’s hands for stealing, and taking away a teenager’s television privileges for breaking curfew are all negative sanctions.
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Unformatted text preview: Positive or Negative? A sanction is not always clearly positive or negative. A child who throws a temper tantrum may find he has everyone’s attention, but while his parents might be telling him to stop, the attention he receives for his behavior is actually a positive sanction. It increases the likelihood that he’ll do it again. Attention can be a powerful positive sanction, while lack of attention can be a strong negative sanction. Norms and Consequences Norm Example Consequences for violation Folkway Wearing a suit to an interview Raised eyebrow More Only married couples should live together Conflicts with family members, disapproval Law Laws against public nudity Imprisonment, monetary fine Taboo Eating human flesh Visible signs of disgust, expulsion from society...
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