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Sociology Major Figures Tönnies, Ferdinand - (1855–1937) A sociologist who developed the theories of Gemeinschaft , in which societies are small and intimate and based on close kinship, and Gesellschaft , which refers to societies that are large and impersonal and based mainly on self-interest. Tumin, Melvin - (1919–1994) A sociologist who believed that factors other than merit alone determined the type of jobs that people were likely to hold. Tumin believed that social stratification benefits some more than others. Wallerstein, Immanuel - (1930– ) The creator of the world system theory, which explains how the globalization of capitalism led to changing relations between countries. Wallerstein said that as capitalism spread, countries around the world became connected to one another in ways they had not been before. Weber, Max - (1864–1920) An economist and sociologist who theorized that religion, not
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