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Cell Respiration: Introduction Terms Acetyl Coenzyme A - A small molecule that carries acetyl functional groups in cells. Composed of an acetyl group attached to a coenzyme A molecule. The starting product of the citric acid cycle. Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) - The molecule from which cells derive energy. Comprised of an adenosine molecule bonded to three phosphates, each phosphate bond contains energy, especially the third bond. By breaking that one bond and reducing ATP to adenosine di phosphate (ADP), the cell can get the energy to carry out its various processes. Aerobic respiration - A metabolic process involving oxygen in the breakdown of glucose. Anabolic - Term describing enzyme-catalyzed reactions in a cell that involves the synthesis of complex molecules out of simpler subunits and which uses energy. Anaerobic respiration - A metabolic process that does not involve oxygen in the breakdown of
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Unformatted text preview: glucose. Carbohydrate - A molecular compound containing carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Subunits are sugars. Catabolic - Term describing enzyme-catalyzed reactions in a cell that involve the degradation of molecules into more simple subunits with the release of energy. Chemotroph - An organism that derives its energy from the ingestion of food molecules. Citric acid cycle - Also known as the Krebs Cycle; a metabolic pathway found in aerobic organisms that oxidizes acetyl coA groups to carbon dioxide and water. Coenzyme - A molecule that participates in an enzyme-catalyzed reaction and functions to transfer atoms or electrons between itself and various molecules. Elimination reaction - A reaction that involves the ejection of a specific group from a molecule, often resulting in the formation of a carbon-carbon double bond....
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