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Intracellular Component7 - Intracellular Components...

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Intracellular Components Intermediate filament - One of three protein components of the cytoskeleton. A fibrous protein filament approximately 10 nanometers in diameter. Forms the nuclear lamina that helps protect the cell nucleus. Intermembrane space - The space between the outer and inner membrane in a mitochondria. Lysosome - A membrane-bound organelle found in eukaryotic cells. Contain acids and enzymes that degrade unwanted molecules. Matrix - The space inside the inner membrane of mitochondria. Microtubule - One of three protein components of the cytoskeleton. Long, cylindrical structures approximately 25 nanometers in diameter. Extend from the centrosome to all parts of the cell, forming tracks on which organelles can travel within the cell. Microtubules can be either kinetocore microtubules or non-kinetocore microtubules. Kinetocore microtubules bind to sister chromatids during mitosis ; non-kinetocore microtubules do not. Mitochondria
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Intracellular Component7 - Intracellular Components...

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