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PoliSci Voting

PoliSci Voting - when there is no candidate they support...

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Wednesday: Review session for Friday’s exam Friday’s exam will have two fairly specific essays (one over lecture, one over book) Blue/black ink and blue book (every other line), only material since first exam Voting Think of voting in terms of costs and benefits Issues determining the relatively lower level of voter turnout in US o US tends to election more officers and have them more frequently o Registration laws are somewhat difficult Don’t have registration on day of election Have to re-register from state to state o Motor voter laws to help increase ease of registering o Conditions of elections (US weekday voting vs. weekend) o Should it be easier to vote? Might be better to not encourage voters to vote if they are unknowledgeable (like with young voters). Many argue low voter turn out is a good thing. o Most elections are not competitive o Non-voting can be considered a type of political participation (as in cases
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Unformatted text preview: when there is no candidate they support running, etc) • Is there really a decline? o Hard to determine a base year o Denominator is problematic since it uses the voting age population with many that are ineligible to vote (which isn’t stable over time) Included in the number of eligible voters are those in jail (who can’t vote), aliens in the US (who aren’t able to vote), etc • Candidate selection vs. nomination • Social structural distinction surrounding political parties o Outside circle: party in the electorate (dem/rep voters at a given time) o Middle circle: party organization or workers (the campaigners) o Inner circle: party in government (those who hold office under party a label) • Successful American party because of duration, two-party system, and competitive partisan balance...
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