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The Cell Cycle - extended periods of time until they are...

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The Cell Cycle Terms Cell Cycle - The two-phase cycle during which a cell replicates its DNA, divides, and then goes through the processes necessary to replicate DNA, etc. Cell cycles can vary in duration from 8 minutes to 1 year, though the general duration is around 24 hours for fast-dividing mammal cells. The two phases of the cell cycle are interphase and mitosis. Cyclin-dependent protein kinase - A protein found in eukaryotic cells responsible for regulating progression through the cell cycle. Must be complexed with cyclins in order to be active. Cyclin - A protein found in eukaryotic cells that continually goes through cycles of synthesis and degradation during the cell cycle. When synthesizes, cyclins activate cyclin-dependent protein kinases. Cyclins are synthesized or degraded according to the cells readiness to move into the next stage of the cell cycle. G0 - A sub-phase of G1. Cells in G1 that are not ready to progress in the cell cycle enter G0 for
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Unformatted text preview: extended periods of time until they are ready to proceed. G0 can vary in length from minutes to years. G1 - The first part of interphase, between the end of mitosis and the beginning of S phase. A period in which cells grow and make preparations for DNA replication in S phase. G2 - The final part of interphase, between the end of S phase and the beginning of mitosis. G2 is an intermediate phase during which cells make certain they are ready to enter into mitosis. Interphase - The longer of the two phases of the eukaryotic cell cycle that includes the sub-phases G1, S phase, and G2. Mitosis is the second phase of the cell cycle. Mitosis - The shorter phase of the two-phase eukaryotic cell cycle; cells divide during mitosis. Interphase is the second phase of the cell cycle. S phase - The second, middle part of interphase, occurring between G1 and G2; during S phase DNA is duplicated before cell division....
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