AFJROTC ASI Final 08 - AFJROTC FINAL Dec 2008 Cadet...

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AFJROTC FINAL Dec 2008 Cadet Handbook Name _________________________________ Flight _____________ 1. The primary mission of the AFJROTC program at Shiloh is to develop: A. Officers for the Armed Forces B. Officers for the Air Force C. Informed citizens D. Enlisted members for the Armed Forces 2. All cadets are required to read the group bulletin board A. Daily B. Weekly C. Monthly D. Each semester 3. To be eligible for membership and continuance in the AFJROTC program, each cadet must be A. Enrolled and attending a regular course of instruction at Shiloh High School or another Gwinnett County High School B. A citizen of the United States or an alien who has been admitted to the United States for permanent residency C. Physically fit and of good moral character D. All of the above 4. Cadets may be disenrolled from the AFJROTC Program for cause. Reasons for disenrollment involve failure to maintain acceptable course standards which include: A. Attitude and poor academic scores B. Haircut and appearance C. Lying, cheating and stealing D. Cadet responsibilities E. All of the above 5. Cadets will observe proper military courtesy when reporting to A. Cadet officers B. Cadet NCOs C. Instructors D. All of the above 1
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Who is responsible for calling the room to attention and taking roll call at the start of each class period? A. First Sergeant B. Flight Sergeant C. Element Leader D. Flight Commander 7. Cadets will use “Yes, Sir/Ma’am” and “No, Sir/Ma’am” when responding to A. SASI B. ASI C. Cadet officers D. All of the above 8. What is the AFJROTC Cadet Honor Concept? A. I will lie, cheat, steal, and tolerate those who do. B. I will not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do. C. Personal integrity links cadets to the past, present, and future. D. Military drill and ceremonies promote followership, then build leadership. 9. What will prevent a cadet from getting promoted? A. Outstanding demerits B. Outstanding debts to AFJROTC C. Outstanding debts to Shiloh High School D. All of the above 10. The military salute is a symbol of A. Rank B. Respect C. Recognition D. Responsibility 11. Which of the following statements best describe
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AFJROTC ASI Final 08 - AFJROTC FINAL Dec 2008 Cadet...

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