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AFJROTC Final ASI- IV May 2008

AFJROTC Final ASI- IV May 2008 - AFJROTC Final AS IV May...

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AFJROTC Final AS IV May 2008 Notebook, Cadet Guide, Drill and Ceremonies Name _________________________________ Flight _____________ Multiple Choice Questions 11. What is the unit number of Shiloh High School’s AFJROTC A. GA-178 B. GA-781 C. GA-817 D. GA-871 22. One of the simplest and most effective ways to teach leadership in the military service is through 23. What is the distance between individuals in formation? 24. What is the space between individuals placed side by side? 25. Who is responsible for regulating the direction and rate of march? A. Guide B. Adjutant C. Flight Sergeant E. Flight Commander
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26. What is the rate of marching at quick time? 27. What is the length of a step in quick time? 28. Your flight commander gives the command “Flight, Attention”. At the preparatory command, cadets will assume the position of 29. At the position of attention, cadets must A. Place heels together and ensure feet are at a 45-degree angle B. Keep body erect with hips level, chest lifted, back arched, and shoulders square and even C. Place thumbs, which are resting along the first joint of the forefinger, along the seams of the trousers D. All of the above
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