AFJROTC Final Leadership Test, 2004

AFJROTC Final Leadership Test, 2004 - AFJROTC Final...

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Unformatted text preview: AFJROTC Final Leadership Test May 2004 Name _________________________________ Flight _____________ MATCHING.(Match the characteristic in Column A with the leadership trait in Column B. Each trait may be used more than once) Column A Column B ___ 1. A leader must have the self-confidence to make timely decisions. ___ 2. A willingness to act ___ 3. Complete devotion to duty ___ 4. A leader must demonstrate total dedication ___ 5. A three-dimensional trait that includes faithfulness to superiors, peers, and subordinates. ___ 6. A total commitment to the highest personal and professional standards ___ 7. Leaders must first display this trait before they expect members to do so ___ 8. Approaches assigned tasks aggressively ___ 9. Sacrificing personal requirements for a greater cause ___ 10. The courage to face and overcome difficulties ___ 11. An enthusiasm and drive to take the initiative ___ 12. A leader must be honest and fair a. Integrity b. Loyalty c. Commitment d. Energy e. Decisiveness f. Selflessness 1 TRUE/FALSE QUESTIONS (Circle T or F on this sheet) 13. T. F. People will follow a competent person who has the knowledge to complete the mission successfully. 14. T. F. People will ignore the negative characteristics of a leader. 15. T. F. The most powerful form of lasting motivation is self-motivation. 16. T. F. Recognizing personal strengths and weakness is an important leadership principle. 17. T. F. Lack of self-discipline in a leader destroys the units cohesion. 18. T. F. The arrogant or domineering person gets all the respect. 19. T. F. People who are in good physical condition are better prepared for any assigned mission. 20. T. F. Giving orders is the single most important factor in leadership. 21. T. F. Motivating people depends on understanding their needs and working to align these needs with unit requirements....
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AFJROTC Final Leadership Test, 2004 - AFJROTC Final...

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