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Activity Sheet 1.  Wanda earned $2400;  $1300 of that was in commissions.  What percent            of her earnings was commissions?  ____________ 2.  Elsie earned $1000.  The amount of her commissions was $240.  What            percent of her earnings was commissions? __________ 3.  Andy earned $2,070 salary;  $560 was commissions.  What percent was        commissions? __________ 4.  Robert earned $7,850.  His commissions were $1,248.10.   What percent
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Unformatted text preview: was commissions? __________ 5. Teresa earned $756.30; $54.40 was commissions. What percent was commissions? __________ 6. Jack earned $2000; $375 of that amount was commissions. What percent was commissions? __________ 7. Julie earned $23,400. The amount of her commissions was $5,560. What percent was commissions? __________ Objective 2...
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