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money - $(Divide earnings by number of light bulbs packed 2...

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Show Me the Money Jennifer earns $5.00 per hour for packing light bulbs.  Also, she receives a bonus of $0.10 for each light  bulb she packs in a day over the number of 50 per hour. Find Jennifer’s earnings for the week. DAY HOURS WORKED LIGHTS PACKED NUMBER OVER 50 PER HOUR WAGES BONUS EARNINGS MON 8 450 $ $ $ TUE 9 475 $ $ $ WED 7.5 400 $ $ $ THUR 7 350 $ $ $ FRI 10 600 $ $ $ TOTALS $ $ $ Now answer these questions.  Round your answers to the nearest cent. 1.  On the average, how much did Jennifer earn per light bulb packed?
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Unformatted text preview: $_______(Divide earnings by number of light bulbs packed.) 2. On the average, how much did Jennifer ear per hour worked? $_______(Divide earnings by number of hours worked.) 3. On the average, how many light bulbs did Jennifer produce per hour? _________(Divide the number of light bulbs made by number of hours worked.) Objective 2...
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