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Spring Exam Review #2 - Exam Review#2 Name 1 Where do you...

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Exam Review #2 Name:___________________________ 1 . Where do you find efficiency ratings for appliances? 2. List several advantages and disadvantages of using a cell phone. 3. Michael is computing the costs of having a telephone in her apartment. Her basic charge is $49.95 plus $5.95 for special options. The telephone companies also charge $3.50 for taxes. How much is Michael’s bill? 4. Long Distance Company A charges $7.00 a month plus $0.15 a minute. Long Distance Company B charges $10.00 a month plus $0.08 a minute. Long Distance Company C charges no monthly fee but $0.25 per minute. If Jennifer estimates she will talk 45 minutes each month using long distance, which company is best for Jennifer? 5. List several services provided by a telephone company. 6. Katie is getting satellite hooked up in her house. There is a hook-up charge of $150.00, monthly service fee of $49.95, and HBO for $8.95. What is the total bill? 7. Heather wants to get internet services for her new apartment that she plans to live in only this semester. She is looking forward to using email and will use the internet for the hours of research in her college classes.
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