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Exam Review #2 Name:___________________________ 1. Where do you find efficiency ratings for appliances? 2. List several advantages and disadvantages of using a cell phone. 3. Michael is computing the costs of having a telephone in her apartment. Her basic charge is $49.95 plus $5.95 for special options. The telephone companies also charge $3.50 for taxes. How much is Michael’s bill? 4. Long Distance Company A charges $7.00 a month plus $0.15 a minute. Long Distance Company B charges $10.00 a month plus $0.08 a minute. Long Distance Company C charges no monthly fee but $0.25 per minute. If Jennifer estimates she will talk 45 minutes each month using long distance, which company is best for Jennifer? 5. List several services provided by a telephone company. 6. Katie is getting satellite hooked up in her house. There is a hook-up charge of $150.00, monthly service fee of $49.95, and HBO for $8.95. What is the total bill? 7.
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