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PoliSci - Federalsim

PoliSci - Federalsim - Federalism Jan 19th 24th January...

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Federalism Jan 19 th – 24 th January 19 th The government is hard to change because it’s policies guard against impulse, mobs, too powerful rulers, politician’s ambitions. o Federalism, checks & balances, separate terms of office, separation of powers=conservative government Federal system has: o Constitution that divides powers btw national/central and state/constitutes o India, Mexico, Germany, Australia, etc o Larger, very diverse Unitary (all power in central government) o Smaller, more homogeneous country Confederation (National Government exists at the will of the constitute governments) Early US chose fed Government because: o More logical due to difficulty in communicating w/ only a central government, unitary Government was fairly new, states were accustomed to their own rule and would like all control in central Government o Allowed for expansion w/o great change/disruption and allows local issues to remain local o Difficult to establish national norms b/c of diverse culture Structure: o Provides delegated powers to the national and state governments Supremacy clause - national presides over state o
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