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Sociology Charles Lemernt, Social Things, An Introduction to the Sociological Life HW Oct 6 th Introduction: Socioty is a combined force of comings and goings, givens, and gettings… - Since we hardly ever notice what others do, we don’t actually see this society in action - the important thing is o make sense of our lives with others - sociology = logics of social things - Trusting others = sociological logic, living their sociologies - have time to study the world of social things, work through what to think about them, lift their native and practical understanding of these
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Unformatted text preview: things into the light of clear thinking it will change their lives Thinking about: what were the social filaments stretched from me to him? (we all live amid social things)-Individuals are who they are PARTLY because of what they do with what they have, and because of what the wider social world gives or takes away-happenings in life are due to the effects of the force of social things (inspiring feelings) \-Social things are structured: Man immigrates for money, so does a murderer kills for money-...
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