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Sociology 1 September 27 th , 2011 The Sociological Imagination Reading Questions: 1. What is social imagination? 2. Why does Mills argue that this imagination is needed? 3. How does Mills define freedom? Sociological Imagination allows the ability to narrate the story of the world we’re living in . Karl Marx and Frederick Engels: A spectre is haunting Europe: the transition from agricultural life to industrial life by machine, context of sociology People try to analyze the emergent industrial society human consequences for the society that was new 1. Marx: exploitation of labor, measure all human social goods by money and exchange value that was the essence of human society. Machine replaced the hand and mind of craft workers 2. Durkheim : What kind of world relied on the division of labor that splits the person, increase in suicides. How it was a social phenomenon 3. Max Weber: the iron cage of the state – what kind of society could promote free exchange and free market and produced an elaborate bureaucracies 4. WEB DuBois : His long life span a long history and saw that the color line was missing from the history. “The problem of the 20 th century was the problem of the color line between the races” explain the historical origins of color line its international nature, and its human costs. 5. Jane Addams : Founding mother of sociology. She asked what kind of society dispossessed its immigrants and dumped to live in squalor without the benefit of social respect. The origin of Sociology can be found in all these critical efforts to clarify the struggles and the wishes of age. Sociological Imagination – we ask what are the problems of our time what society are we
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lecture9:27 - Sociology 1 September 27th, 2011 The...

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