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Soc Week3 - Week 3: Sociological Competence Reading...

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Week 3: Sociological Competence Reading questions for lectures and section Reading Questions: 1. According to Lemert, what are the four questions all sociologies try to answer? p. 22 a. How do people deal with the overwhelming power of social structures they cannot see? b. How do they live as subjects amid such big and mysterious social forces? c. How do they measure the meaning of their lives against the array of social differences they encounter, even while rushing, coffee-less, for the last bus? d. And, by what methods do people figure out how to live with themselves in the face of the structured differences? a. Cheerful Robot 2. What, according to Lemert, is sociological competence? This is a seemingly native, highly practical, virtually ubiquitous capacity that sustains us individually but also contributes to our ability to form and keep social relations with others. Social life would be impossible without it. Without it, we would have to learn anew what to think of it and how to behave, when entered a new social situation 3. How are professional and practical sociological competence related? How are they different? p. 25 What professionals know and have to say in sociology depends on a competence we already possess without the benefit of special studies. Practical sociological competence
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Soc Week3 - Week 3: Sociological Competence Reading...

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