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Sociology 1 Lecture 10/18/11 War and Peace Johnson military industrial complex – Sean Nelson trying to be heard by driving a truck, US is always at war US is now at a war for GWOT. ‘’Eisenhower used the term 0 military industrial onger 1. independent military authority a threat to demoncracy permannet war economy The Main Claim - The US has become a military empire. This empire has a history that predates 9/11 - It moves from being from the empire to an empire of military bases., he is afraid it might be irreversible - vast network of bases forms a physical geography forms an empire of bases. Historical Framework - US Emperial Debut: Spanish American War - 3 Forks in the Historical Road: - at each moment we could have gone toward peace, but we did not. o World War I o World War II o End of the Cold War First War: Spanish American War Permanent bases in Cuba, US occupation in Cuba, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Guam, Hawaii. Precedent for military presence. Established by Joint Chiefs and Naval War College KEY institutionalizing development First Organized US Soldier Resistance “The Smoked Yankees” 1. The significance is that it was the first US imperialist war, our first debut as a world power 2. permanent military bases in Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Hawaii 3. set the precedent that it was appropriate for the US to establish an unregulated military presence as a world power 4. produced beginning of militarization 5. produced the idea that American imperialization was for the good of others. our “good” intentions v. what actually happens
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soclet11.18 - Sociology 1 Lecture 10/18/11 War and Peace...

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