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ECE330_Syllabus_Fall2012 - 4 5 Electromechanical systems...

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ECE 330 Power Circuits & Electromechanics, Spring 2012 Instructors: Section C – MWF (10-10:50am) in 165 EL -- P. W. Sauer, Office Rm. 337 EL Section F – TR (12:30 – 13:50am) in 253 Mech. Eng. Bldg. – R. Pilawa, Office Rm. 351 EL TA: Trevor Hutchins, Office Rm. 329B EL Office Hrs: Sauer: Th 3-5pm or by appointment (in 337 EL) Pilawa: Wed 3-5pm or by appointment (in 351 EL) Hutchins: Wed 2-4pm (in 361 EL) Course Text : Power Circuits and Electromechanics (Paperback Version) by M.A. Pai, Stipes Publishing, Champaign Course Outline Hrs 1. Review of phasors, complex power 3 2. Three phase circuits, three phase power, wye-delta conversion 4 3. Magnetic circuits, self and mutual inductance, Maxwell’s equations 5 4. Ideal transformers, practical transformers, equivalent circuits
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Unformatted text preview: 4 5. Electromechanical systems, energy, co-energy, energy cycles, computation of forces 6 6. Dynamic equation, numerical integration of electromechanical systems 4 7. Equilibrium points, linearization, stability 3 8. Synchronous machines 3 9. Induction machines 3 10. Other machines 3 11. Exams and review 4 Homework is not graded – there will be a quiz (one of the HW problems) on the due date. Exams: Combined at night (7 to 8:30) (Tentative dates: Thu, Feb 23 and Tue, Apr 10) Final: Combined – main exam will be on the date scheduled for a 10AM MWF class. Evaluation: Two exams 25% each Final 35% In-class quizzes 15% +/- grading will be adopted Website: http://courses.ece.uiuc.edu/ece330/...
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