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Brianna Baker Alexis Bovard ECE 317 12/13/2011 3D Television Abstract An increasing number of new movies are being produced in 3D. Market estimates show that 3D is being used in home televisions as well. Although 3D technology appears a new trend, it has been around for many years. The first 3D movie debuted in 1893. The technology used in this original 3D movie was anaglyph images that produced stereoscopy. Anaglyph images are created by superimposing two color layers, making them offset to produce a depth effect. This technology uses glasses with a red lens on one eye and a blue lens on the other. The effect of the two colored lenses causes the brain to mash the two similar images together which creates a 3D picture to the eye. Although these glasses depicted a good 3D image, they caused headaches and sometimes nausea due to the altered coloring of the movies. A new and improved 3D technology emerged in the 1980s: Polarized glasses. Polarized glasses quickly became the product of choice for 3D technology in the late 20
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