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AMTS_Abs - Amplitude Modulating Transceivers Atul Gupta...

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Amplitude Modulating Transceivers Atul Gupta, Calvin Liou, Farid Zaghloul Men have always desired the ability to communicate with one another. The technology to enable this did not emerge, however, until the 20th century. One of the earliest handheld implementations was the walkie-talkie. It was unsurpassed in its time, allowing the user flexibility and freedom to communicate wirelessly over distances of up to one mile. The walkie talkie is a handheld amplitude modulating transceiver and has been instrumental in developments within military and civilian applications. The technology itself builds centrally on developments in amplitude modulation. The information carried by a radio signal is accomplished using modulation of the radio signal. Although there are a number of ways in which a radio signal may be modulated, one of the easiest methods is to modify its amplitude in proportion to variations of the sound.
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