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Jared Abert Jason Kozin Allie Marconi Professor Peck ECE 317 Abstract 10 26 09 Fisker Automotive Fisker Automotive has created the ‘World's First Luxury Plug -in Hybrid Electric Vehicle’ known as Karma. Fisker is a green -friendly company that produces sports cars. Their mission is to create environmentally conscious sports cars that do not sacrifice on looks or performance. All their cars are plug-in hybrids known as Q DRIVE that is only made for Fisker cars developed by Quantum Technologies. For the first 50 miles of a drive the car uses no fuel but once that mark is hit a gasoline engine turns on a generator to charge the lithium ion battery. Therefore, the car begins to act like a normal hybrid vehicle. They use this balance of electric and gas contributions to maximize the miles per gallon for the average car user. Fisker believes that they have taken the automotive hybrid to a whole new level of performance and style. What is so ground breaking about the Karma is not that it is a hybrid vehicle, but
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