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Unformatted text preview: Kinan Hayani Kevin Lyznicki Ryan McGrath Global Positioning System The Global Positioning System (GPS) provides positioning, navigation, and timing services owned by the United States Government. GPS consists of three segments: space, control, and user segments. The space and control segments, which include the signal transmitting satellites as well as their maintenance, are both under the supervision of the U.S. Air Force ( The user segment mainly deals with handheld devices used by consumers and is addressed by a wide variety of electronic product companies. The government allows free access to necessary information for the commercial market to produce GPS products. This has allowed users around the world to contribute new ideas and innovations on GPS technology. The 1950s marked the beginning of GPS technology with the development of the first three dimensional, time-difference-of-arrival position-finding system. Dr. Ivan Getting developed this system in response to an Air Force requirement for a guidance system to be used with a proposed Intercontinental...
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