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Ashwin Budhiraja Joseph Lee Mark Lyznicki MP3 Players Music is an important part of most people’s lives. Good quality “music on the go” is considered a key necessity for the younger generations. Over the past decade, consumers proceeded with higher quality digital recordings, nevertheless encountered poor quality of reproduction due to physical damage to the media (eg. Cd’s, tapes). Deterioration also worsened with increased usage. Newer generations of digital music storage (eg. High density solid state memory) has further transformed the industry as consumers can now listen to high quality music countless times without worrying about playback quality. File transfer to and from integrated electronic players that contain this memory is simple, fast, and cost-effective. These electronic players are often termed “MP3 players” due to the MPEG-1 audio Layer 3, ie. MP3 file format in which the music is encoded. The MP3 format was designed by the Moving Pictures Experts Group and is designed to
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