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Nano2010_Abs - Nirbhay Dhapodkar David Olsen Jack Quarton...

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Nirbhay Dhapodkar David Olsen Jack Quarton Anny Ying N ANOTECHNOLOGY The field of nanotechnology has undergone significant change in the last 20 years and will continue to advance at a rapid rate. Nanotechnology is the study of materials at a very small scale, up to 100 nanometers in length, and its applications are very diverse, ranging from medical applications, to common physics, self-assembly of molecules, and solar power attainment. Its capabilities are enhanced with its small size. For example, in medical applications, manufactured nano-bots can make repairs on the cellular level, or be utilized for drug delivery. Nanotechnology is a broad term and for the purposes of this class, we will be focusing on nano- electronics the use of nanotechnology on electronic components. To further narrow our scope, we will cover three specific topics within the field: nanofabrication, molecular electronics, and energy production using nanotechnology.
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