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ECE 317 Abstract Allen Hays, Jack Heston, Brandon Laning Photovoltaics: Emerging Energy Technology In recent years, growing importance has been placed on the acquisition and implementation of sustainable energy. Environmental concerns have made the search for alternative energy sources a global undertaking. Photovoltaics is a revolutionary field of technological research that has become the world’s fastest growing energy technology in terms of energy produced. Related to the transformation of the sun’s photons into usable energy, the study and integration of photovoltaics is a potentially world-changing scientific undertaking. Photovoltaic technology represents a means of generating solar power by packaging solar cells in photovoltaic modules to convert sunlight into electricity. A single solar cell produces direct current from natural light. The connection of single cells into a photovoltaic module, or solar panel, provides enough electricity to power small objects like calculators and emergency telephones. When photons from the sun hit a solar panel,
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