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Valerie Taylor 11-23-10 Mexican Immigration The social problem that I chose to address is Mexican immigration to the United States. I decided to pick immigration both because it affects people all over the country, so if I were to actually create a work of art it would be of interest to many people, and because I have strong opinions about it myself. Immigrants from Mexico, both legal and illegal, have been a huge topic of debate in the U.S. for many years. Mexicans want to come to America to escape dangers in their own country, such as drug cartels and poverty, and to create better lives for themselves. The problem is immigration laws make it difficult for many Mexicans to immigrate, and then if they do get here, it is even harder for them to become permanent citizens. This causes many Hispanics to come to the U.S. illegally. Through the years all of these immigrants have had a profound effect on the American work force and have angered many native citizens. The majority of Mexicans, once here, will work for very low wages either because they are illegal and do not want to be turned in, or because they are used to having so little money in Mexico that almost any amount seems like a lot to them. These low wages then negatively affect American workers by making it difficult for them to find jobs since they charge more than the immigrants. When Americans start losing work they immediately blame the Hispanics for stealing their jobs and try to demand harsher immigration laws and punishments. The problem is they should be mad at the companies and individuals who are taking advantage of the Mexicans by paying them low and unfair wages, not the Mexicans themselves who are simply trying to better their lives. I find the issue of immigration particularly frustrating because it is one that has repeated itself over and over again in our country’s history. First, it is extremely ironic that people are so against immigration when our entire nation is based on it. The Europeans were immigrants in
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America when they literally stole the land from the Indian natives, which is much worse than lowering working wages. Some people argue this is not a relatable time or situation, but then
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ARH assignment - Valerie Taylor 11-23-10 Mexican...

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