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Experiment VI: S N 1 Reaction: The syntesis of Triphenylmethyl methyl ether via the Triphenylmethyl Carbocation In this reaction, you will utilize the triphenylmethanol prepared in Experiment V to synthesize triphenylmethyl methyl ether via an S N 1 rection. You will have the opportunity to generate and “observe” the triphenylmethyl carbocation. Ph 3 -C-OH + 2 H 2 SO 4 Ph 3 -C + + H 3 O + + 2 HSO 4 - Ph 3 -C + + CH 3 OH Ph 3 -C-OCH 3 + H + PERFORM THIS REACTION IN THE HOOD Scale this reaction as necessary based on the amount of triphenylmethanol you obtained from Experiment V. Before starting the reaction, set aside a few milligrams of triphenylmethanol for running a comparison TLC after you have isolated the product (starting material (SM)-vs-product): In a 25 mL Erlrnmeyer flask, add 1.0 g triphenylmethanol and grind the crystals to a fine powder using a glass rod. Carefully add 10 mL of con. H 2 SO 4 and stir the mixture with the glass rod to effect complete dissolution. You should observe a red-brown to light
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