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Nos. 02-241, 02-516 In the Supreme Court of the AP Gov Class Pro-life Appellants v. Pro-choice Appellees On Writ of Certiorari and Writ of Certiorari before Judgment To The AP Gov Court of Appeals For The Sixth Circuit BRIEF FOR THE SCIENCE FOR UNBORN HUMAN LIFE IN SUPPORT OF RESPONDENTS Julia Nan Keya Gibbons Science for Unborn Human Life PO Box 37030 Washington, DC 20013-7030 202-479-6900
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INTEREST OF AMICUS CURIAE Science for Unborn Human Life is an organization that advocates the banning of abortions. As pro-lifers, we believe we can make the most progress by influencing the views of open- minded people on the pro-choice side. We think the first step is to address the human life issue in a friendly and objective way, free of moralizing, religious overtones and judgmental attitudes. Till today, the debate for abortion keeps on going and it is a very polarizing issue that affects every man and woman in this country. Whether people think that abortion is right or abortion is wrong, all human believe on one thing that taking a person’s life is immoral. By using scientific data, our group will prove that killing an unborn child is just as wrong as a killing a person. The purpose of our group is to collect a huge amount of scientific information about an unborn child’s life and create a step by step chart that will illustrate the development of unborn children inside their mother’s womb. Our group also gathers numerous amounts of unborn children pictures to show how life-like these embryos develop at various months during their dormancy inside the womb. To explain in detail what information we have on the science for unborn human lives, we list the organ developments, emotional developments, behavior developments, and sensory developments of an unborn baby. With all the detail information on the science of unborn human life, people will be more informed on the issue of abortion and know what is actually going on inside a mother’s womb to better determine the side in which the person wants to stand on. All information is well researched and pulled out of credited websites, books, and from interviews of nationally renowned scientists. The founder and initiator for the Science for Unborn Human Life Group was a Senior Vice President at an equity research firm. He analyze the U.S. health care market and make investment recommendations on pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies. He was also an executive at the
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Amicus_Brief[1] - Nos 02-241 02-516 In the Supreme Court of...

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