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Things to know Article discussion How do your ratings reflect your future? Population statistics Outliers How to change your destination in life Purpose of personality testing Test construction Assignment discussion Big 5 Measure o Openness to experience o Extraversion o Agreeableness o Neuroticism o Conscientiousness Does it represent who we really are? Could it be more accurate than your perception of your personality? Do some of the variables seem more accurate than others? What types of variables influenced your personal responses? o Comparing yourself to others o Motif to be consistent throughout the survey
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Unformatted text preview: TAT measure o Reliable? o What variables influence your scores? State vs. trait influence o Big 5 measure is better than the TAT • Funder and Ozer o Eg. Introversion is associated with loneliness • Does this mean you will be lonely your whole life? o No! There is simple a trend (population statistic) • Refer to the statistical trend within a population o They are NOT statistics about a single individual o Many single cases don’t agree with data • Outlier: an observation that differs from the rest of the trend • How do you change your life outcome o Change yourself?...
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