9-20 - What types of targets are easiest to interpret o...

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Chapter 6- Looks at interaction (Make sure we read this before test) Global impressions o Instant friendships o Can you get this just by looking at cues? Ex music, clothes Cautionary Interpretations o Be open to the possibility that you are wrong o Look for the positive in people o Give them second chances Things to know What is a moderator Accuracy Can assume accuracy if…. o Judges agree with each other Does this always mean they are accurate? No o If you are able to predict behavior Moderator A variable the influences the relationship between two or more different variables o Can strengthen or weaken the relationship Ex. Alcohol cues and alcohol related behaviors Moderators of Accuracy Who is the best judge of personality o People who are motivated to understand the other person Ex. Roommate vs. o Individual differences? Lead to less of an effort o People who value quality interpersonal relationships o People who are positive people
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Unformatted text preview: What types of targets are easiest to interpret o People whoa re consistent and predictable across situations What traits are easiest to assess? o Traits that lead to overt behaviors are easier to judge Extroversion What traits are hardest to judge? o Traits that lead to inward psychological processes Emotional stability- anxiety Traits that help us reproduce? o Sociosexuality Willingness to engage in sex without prior commitment or closeness (restricted vs. unrestricted) What other aspects of information are important o Amount of information Generally, the more info the better Funder (read book here) o Quality of information Strong vs. Weak situations Strong- everyone acts alike (classroom setting, church) Weak- less social norms (bar, with good friends on campus) Which is better? weak...
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9-20 - What types of targets are easiest to interpret o...

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