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9-29 - ◦ subjective experience of anxiety and general...

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What do the results of factor analyses tell us about personality? factor analytical approach after many different ana The five factor theory Openness to experience conscientiousness extraversion is often thought to imply a sense of sociability having social impact facets warmth gregariosness assertiveness activity excitement seeking positive emotion interact with unfamiliar people well Have firmer handshakes that conveys confidence predicts having prominent position in fraternities and sororities possibly less cooperative during social dilemmas Desire for high status careers and political influence Experience higher levels of well-being more sensitive to positive cues in the environment mood induction and extraversion make someone happier extraverts are more sensitive more likely to be able to be inducted into a great mood agreeableness neuroticism emotional instability
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Unformatted text preview: ◦ subjective experience of anxiety and general distress ◦ facets ▪ anxiety ▪ hostility ▪ depression ▪ self-consciousness ▪ impulsiveness ▪ vulnerability to stress ◦ related to distress in many types of circumstances ◦ more difficult interactions among romantic partners ◦ less satisfaction with marriage (and most other things) ◦ more likely to distance themselves from partners after a negative interaction ◦ emotional reaction to stressful events is stronger neurotics ◦ • Shown to exist in many different cultures ◦ suggest that they are universal? ▪ yes ◦ Orthogonal dimensions ▪ unrelated- can be high on one. low on another, etc • Each trait is large factor made up of a number of many smaller factors or facets • Each facet is related to each other but nonetheless contributes uniquely to owns identity...
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9-29 - ◦ subjective experience of anxiety and general...

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