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Missed the beginning of class look at notes online know the slides 9-11 he will have us replicate the pie image of the earth's layers Lithospheric mantle Know this (Slide 11-13) Two ways to view geologic time Relative time Older vs younger placed in order Absolute Time "120 Ma" (Ma = million years; also m.y. or mybp) The Geologic time scale (relative time) eons, eras, periods, epochs major divisions based on biologic events Eventually we will need to memorize eras Don't memorize slide 2
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Unformatted text preview: • Memorize slide 7 on introduction to geologic time Plate Tectonics • Wegener ◦ postulated pangea ◦ continents plow through ocean crust: continental Drift • Occum's Razor ◦ The simplest solution is the one you should choose ◦ also known as the principe of parsimony Two Truisms in Science • Correlattion without Causation is not proof ◦ ie correlating coastlines of south america and africa without a reason why they were once one continent...
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