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What is Social Psych? Gordon Allport, 1954 definition Scientific Method - Thoughts affected by others - feelings - behaviors - impression management Real or imagined Social Psychology is a social science - Rigorous research standards - common sense isn't always correct - historical context helps in understanding advancing knowledge Brief History of Social Psych Triplett and Rinelmann were the two first findings
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Unformatted text preview: Psyychoanalytic theory at that time ◦ They are two conflicting research findings • WWII ◦ how could people behave this way ▪ stereotypes etc. ▪ Obedience ◦ skinner and watson ◦ social psyc took off • Ethics • Validity of Lab Findings • Cognitive revolution ◦ memory ◦ how to learn language • Modern Social Psych ◦ Take in all the different areas Behavior f = (P X S)...
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