9-28 - Recap for The Self Self content about who we are...

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Recap for The Self Self: content about who we are, agent active in the knowing seems to start forming, 20 months can act as a schema self-perception theory social comparison theory "looking glass" self self-monitoring Self-Esteem How favorably someone evaluates him or herself cognitions affect i like me motivated to maintain self-esteem attribution biases downward social comparisons schema content and 'hot cognitions' High: View themselves as competent, likable, attractive, and morally low: view themselves as terrible? Study 1 (campbell) IV (testing to see if they lack a self-concept) self-esteem (low/high) DV extremity of ratings silly---------------serious confidence in ratings selected 92 people who scored high and 92 people who scored low people with high self-esteem chose more extremes people with lower self-esteem chose more middle ground and were less confident in their ratings Study 2 IV self-esteem (low/high) DV Consistency of self-ratings between time 1 and time 2 people with high self esteem's answers were more inconsistent from time one to time two Study 3 IV self-esteem (low/high) interacted with same-sex partner 'getting acquainted' study
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DV consistency between self-concept and ratings of behavior, partner's ratings, behavior and memory of behavior
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9-28 - Recap for The Self Self content about who we are...

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