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399 midterm_practice

399 midterm_practice - 1 My-law.com is a recent start-up...

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1. My-law.com is a recent start-up trying to cater to customers in search of legal services who are not conveniently located near a law office. Unlike traditional law firms, My-law.com allows for extensive interaction between lawyers and their customers via the internet: customers are encouraged to send e-mails to [email protected] . Incoming e-mails are distributed to a lawyer who is currently “on call”. E-mails arrive at the rate of 10 e-mails per hour (the coefficient of variation for the arrivals is 1). At each moment in time, there is exactly one lawyer on call, i.e. sitting at his/her desk, waiting for incoming e-mails. It takes the lawyer, on average, 5 minutes to write the response e-mail, with a standard deviation of 4 minutes. The lawyer processes incoming e-mails on a first come, first served basis. a. What is the average time a customer has to wait (in minutes) between the time of sending the e-mail to My-law.com and receiving a response back? To increase the responsiveness of the firm, the board of My-law.com proposes a new operating policy. Under the new policy, the response would be highly standardized, reducing the standard deviation for writing the response e-mail to 0.5 minutes. The average time for the lawyer to write a response would remain unchanged. Use this information for parts b) and c).
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